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Comcheilg is an original fantasy board, where there is no global plot to be followed by everyone. Instead, roleplay is based around the actions of characters residing in a land divided between three different kingdoms; Arcul, Vuoria and Ponterion. These three kingdoms do not hold the best relationships with each other. Their fate lies in the hands of your characters alone.

We have a rating of 2-1-2. Swearing is generally permitted to a point, mild sexual innuendo and references are allowed, and explicit violence is permitted.

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○ 19/03/16 - Earrach, the Elven spring festival, is almost here! Check out the newest announcement.

○ 14/03/16 - Check out the latest announcement regarding the addition of thread roulette!

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Sorry guys, but Comhcheilg is closed for the foreseeable future. I hope to give the place a reboot and some re-organisation during the summer, and I'll be sure to contact people again in case anyone is interested in rejoining if/when the time comes. Nothing will be deleted, however old content will most likely be archived.
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